Characteristics, measures and colors of Twistart
The paperyarn that untwists is TWISTart. Where dealing with a pure cellulose based twisted paper that is dyed after being twisted, therefore creating a non uniform variegated color when opened. This particular variegated look makes Twistart unique and distinguishes it from all other Paper Twists.
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Enter into the hear of this flower to admire the beautiful variegated look.
TWISTart is a registered trademark of Vicom s.r.l.

TWISTart is an ecological, non-allergic paperyarn. Due to these and other characteristics it was given the OKO test certificate.

TWISTart is resistant to light and does not attract dust.
Thanks to this natural variegated look, all you need to do is open a small piece of green to have the sensation of forming a leaf.

A simple stone decorated with cyclamens, now the test. Can you pick out the real cyclamens?

The flowers require no maintenance and will always hold their true form with time. Eventually you might have to shake them slightly for any dust that might have deposited.

TWISTart can be washed at 40 Celsius with a neutral, delicate detergent. Naturally, not the actual flowers since they will loose their form, but the individual paperyarn. This is an important characteristic to note for those of you using TWISTart to crochet, for place mats, or home décor accessories.
Wash with care using a neutral detergent, and do not twist.
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