4/ply paperyarn is available in various forms:

4 ply paperyarn dyed on white base
This form is made up of 4 strands all the same color dyed on a "White Base."

Mono color 4/ply on a Kraft base
Same as above, only all 4 strands are dyed on a "Kraft Base".

Two tone 4/ply paperyarn
This form is made up of 2 strands dyed on "White Base" and two strands dyed on "Kraft Base" all braided together in perfect harmony.

4/ply White base dye, Kraft base dye, Mono Color and Two-Tone colors.

Twistart - Macro paperyarn
This newest Macro paperyarn is 10 cm wide when untwisted and opened. It's a BIG paperyarn for BIG flowers for your BIGGEST occasions like weddings, anniversaries, communions, etc…

TWISTart Macro Paperyarn for your most compelling projects.

Twistart - Flat paperyarn for those "Lazy" crafters
This form of TWISTart does not represent the characteristic "variegated look" like the rest of the family since it is dyed in an almost completely flat form, therefore making the color solid and uniform. It comes in an untwisted folded form, which is 2 cm wide when opened, like "standard twistart."
It is generally used combining it with other forms of TWISTart since it is offered in the same colors, and is both easy and fast for wrapping stems of flowers due to its already opened form.

TWISTart Flat Paperyarn.
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