Twisted rose
Twisted Rose.

- 50 cm strand of Standard Twistart of color 019 for the twisted rose;
- 50 cm strand of Standard Twistart of color 023 for the stem and the leaves;
- 1 scissors;
- paper glue;
- 1 punch, or a toothpick.


For the rose open completely 50 cm of pink (019) standard paper yarn.
For the stem cut 10 cm of green (023) Twistart and open one end for about 1 cm (C).
Paste one end of the 50 cm opened strand perpendicular to the 10 cm strand of the stem (A).
Roll the entire 50 cm strand around the stem.

To volumize the rose twist the paper like a candy (see step in the photo) (D). Glue the end of the rose to the petals (E).

For the leaves open the center of a strand of 12 cm green (023) standard paper yarn leaving both ends twisted (B). Open the center of another 10 cm leaf. Make a cross overlapping the two leaves (F).
Pierce a hole in the center and thread the leaves on the stem by pushing it gently just untill the rose.

Open the stem to fix the two leaves creating an additional leave.

It is very easy to shape the paper into the desired form. You can roll the the stem around the punch to obtain the twisted shape showned in the photo.

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