How to untwist
There are 4 different methods to untwist TWISTart:
A. The dry method
B. Against the edge of a table
C. Slightly wet method
D. Total submersion in water
The four methods can be adapted based on the type of TWISTart (Standard, 4/ply, Flat or Macro) you want to open, and the form you would like to achieve:
One strip of Standard and 4/ply completely opened. A piece opened only in the center used to make a leaf or petal.
1. A strip completely opened (up left image).

2. A piece opened only in the center (up right image).

3. A piece opened from a certain point (left image).
A piece of different sizes opened to the end.
Method A. Dry method
Hands and paperyarn must be completely dry. Its best not to try and open the piece from the ends, but towards the center as in the image.
Starting to untwist a piece of paperyarn.
Hold the piece firm with your right (for those lefties, naturally with your left) hand, and with your other hand turn the piece the opposite direction of the twist. You'll realize your going the right way when the twists start to loosen and unravel.
If you pay close attention, you will hear a typical almost cracking sound, meaning the tight twists are loosening up.
The strip is opening.
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