Sunflowers in a Basket

Materials for the Basket:
- 3 Sunflowers;
- 1 Sunflower;
- 1 Sunflower;
- 1 Wicker Basket.
A Basket of Sunflowers.
The Basket.
Instructions to make the Basket

Choose a nice Wicker Basket that you can hang.

Using pieces of green TWISTart, tie the smallest Sunflowers to the basket threading the ends through the basket holes.
Put the 3 largest Sunflowers in the basket. You do not have to tie these, but if your concerned about them falling out, you can also tie these to the basket by threading some pieces of green through the holes. Take your loose ends and create some leaves or spirals to give your basket an additional decorative appeal.
Tying the Sunflowers.
Here you can see the particularity of the composition. Basically, all we've done is use the three models of sunflowers we presented previously.
The Basket composition,