Sunflower Place Mark

Materials for Each Place Mark:
- 5 - 14cm pieces of Standard Paperyarn orange 031;
- 20 cm piece of Standard Paperyarn green 023;
- 1 pair of scissors.
Sunflower Place Mark.
Instructions for the Sunflower

This tiny place mark is simply an accent to a normal sunflower. Five petals and one leaf to enhance a slight sensation of the flower, a simple idea and fast to create. Ideal to improvise a beautiful and joyous summer table. Don't forget that all you need to do is change the color of your petals to transform this jewel into a Poppy, Violet, Spring Flower or other flowers of your choice.
Prepare the five petals as always and tie them together with the 20cm piece of green. A simple knot is all you need to keep them together.
You can create a leaf at each end of the green piece, or twist each end and tie it to the stem of a glass or around a napkin. Another way to utilize this simple beauty is to tie and use it as a gift wrap!!

A Micro Sunflower.