The Napkin Ring

- 6 Twisted Roses (Standard TWISTart Flowers n.1);
- 1 meter strand of Standard TWISTart color 023 for the ring;
- 1 pair of medium size scissors;
- white glue;
- 1 pointed hole punch.
The Napkin Ring.
Instructions: How to make the Ring

Leaving about a 10cm tail dangling, take the 023 meter strand and wrap it around three fingers of your hand three times. You have now formed an approximate 5cm diameter ring. Wrap the rest of the strand around the ring leaving a 10cm tail at the end to be tied to the initial 10cm tail. Tie the two tails together to keep your ring intact.

The Ring.
IThread the stems of the roses in between the weaves of the ring. Do not glue the roses to the ring, but open up the part of the stem directly underneath the ring to block the rose. This will also create more leaves.
Remember that this ring can be used in many other ways; a pony tail decoration or a chignon, a romantic gift box wrap, a candle wreath at the base of your candle, or even a pencil holder.
The finished Napkin Ring.