The Ear-Rings.
- 2 rolled small mignon Roses (Standard TWISTart Flower n.1);
- 2 Ear-Rings.
How to make a small mignon rose

To make a small mignon rose is more or less like making a normal size rose with a couple of small tricks to reduce the size.
Completely untwist one 25cm strand of Standard Twistart color antique rose n.028. Fold the stand in-half and glue the two ends together with a drop of white glue as shown in photo (A). For the stem, take a 10cm piece of Standard TWISTart (color green 035) and open one end approximately 1 cm. Fold the open portion in half and glue it as shown in photo (B). Roll the (Rose 028) strand around the stem just like the Twisted-Rose (Standard TWISTart Flower n.1) and glue the end (C).
For the leaf, open the center of a 6cm piece (D).

Step-by-Step for the small mignon rose.
Since its not that easy to open the center of such a small piece without untwisting the tips, I recommend putting a drop of glue on both tips before opening the center. Put a hole in the center of the leaf and slide through the stem. In the case your rose has come out very small you will need only 1 leaf. Should you need a second leaf, untwist the stem directly below the flower, and than wrap the remainder of the stem around a toothpick to give it the characteristic twirl. Now glue the small rose to the support of the Ear-ring with hot glue.

You can use these small mignon roses for all those projects of reduced dimensions, such as tiny favors, small picture frames, small gift boxes and bags…