A Dahlia Present

- 1 Dahlia (Standard TWISTart Flower n. 2) colore n. 27, made with 4 strands;
- 5 cm piece of Standard Size Twistart Pink 27;
- Piece of Standard Size Twistart Green 11 as long as you wish, depending on the size of your package;
- 1 pair - Scissors;
- white glue.
A Dahlia Present

Thread the piece of Standard TWISTart Green 11 through the back of the Square knot Dahlia and use it to tie the package. The Dahlia was made starting from a 4 strand Square Knot.
To decorate your package add the two buds and a couple of branches with leaves. The project in the picture is shown with 2 branches, one longer than the other, and two leaves for each branch.
The branches were tied together with a simple knot to tie the package and were made to slide underneath the flower.

Branches with leaves.
Instructions for the bud
Open completely a piece of Standard TWISTart (color n.27) and glue it while rolling it around a small Q-tip. Cut off only the small piece covered with TWISTart. To make your stem, open a piece of Green (11) about 1 cm and glue the bud inside of the opening rolling it around the bud. From the other end of the stem you can make a leaf.
Tie the two buds to the package and your package is ready!
How to make the bud.