A Poppy Menu Ring
A Poppy Menu Ring. Materials.
Materials for one Poppy:
- 1 Poppy;
- 20 cm of Standard Size Twistart green 011;
- 1 brown card;
- 1 pair of Maxi Cut Decorative Edge Scissors;
- 1 hole punch.
Menu Preparation.

Cut the two sides of the card exactly the same way with the Decorative Edge Scissors so they can be overlapped and intertwined.

Intertwine the two sides of the card together to form a cylinder. Now wrap around (at least two times) the 20cm piece of green 011.
Tie a knot to hold everything firm and slip your Poppy through the knot. Twirl the loose ends of the green around the stem of the hole punch creating a nice curly cue affect.
Remember that you can use both the Poppy (flower n. 2) or the Poppy-placemark with the confetti candy in the center.
Intertwining the Menu.