A Glass Place Setting
A Macro TWISTart Dahlia
A Ceremonial Glass Place Setting.
... Even for an Outdoor Party.
- 1 Macro TWISTart Dahlia, made with 4 - 20cm strands of Macro TWISTart white n401;
- 1 18cm piece of Standard Paperyarn (n. 001 white) to tie the Dahlia to the glass;
- 1 pair of Scissors;
- 1 punteruolo o uno stuzzicadenti.
Instructions to make 1 Dahlia:

Make a Square Knot using two strands of Macro TWISTart white n. 401. Form your square knot leaving two pieces slightly longer than the other 6.

A Square knot in Macro TWISTart.
Untwist 6 strands to form the petals, leaving the two longer strands closed. Remember when forming your petals to leave approximately 1 cm closed at the tip of the strand.
The flower.
Insert a toothpick in the back of the flower which will enable you to thread the Standard TWISTart (white 001 - 18 cm) strand through the back to tie your flower to the glass or to a napkin.. This simple decoration can be used in many different ways. For example, if you leave the toothpick inserted in the flower as shown in the photo, it can be used by itself as a place setting, or simply tie it to your hair as a summer head dress. In other words, just change the color of the flower for various solutions to fulfill your needs.
Inserting the toothpick.