A Place Mark with Tulips
Glass Place Mark. Materials for each Place Mark:
- 1 Glass;
- 1 Tulip and two buds made with the color of your choice;
- 10 - 10cm strands of 4/ply TWISTart green 110. The length should be at least 1 cm longer than the glass;
- 1 piece of Flat TWISTart color mustard 334;
- dry foam to fill the glass;
- 1 pair of Scissors;
- White Glue.
Instructions: Preparing the Glass,

Make 10 green leaves and place them (if you prefer something more definite, you can glue them to the glass with a drop of glue) around the glass. Tie them down with the piece of flat TWISTart and affix them with a drop of glue until there is no movement. Fill the glass to the top with the dry foam.

The Flowers. Prepare 1 Tulip and two buds for every place mark, and open a leaf at each end of the stems. Insert the flowers and leaves into the dry foam.