A Heart of Tulips
A Heart of Tulips. Materials:
- 1 Heart shaped basket;
- 1 Red Tulip;
- 2 Tulip Buds (view the "Wreath with Tulips" project);
- 1 - 18 cm piece of green 4/ply TWISTart;
- 1 pair of scissors;
- white glue.

Choose a small heart shaped basket (or another preferred form). Think about the size of your tulips first, and choose the right size basket, not to small or not to big. The flowers must blend in nice and neither the flowers or the basket should be overpowering.

The Basket.
First, prepare the flowers and open the leave at the end of the single Tulip, the buds and the green stems. Separate the 4 strands of 4/ply green TWISTart and thread them through the basket 1 by 1. Run the stems of your flowers the length of the basket and open a beautiful leaf at the end. Preparation of the Flowers and Leaves.
Using a simple knot technique, first tie the flower, than the buds, and lastly the green stems.
Run the excess of the flowers and stems through the basket, and open some leaves once in position.
Assembly and Binding.
Open some leaves toward the internal part of the basket and some around the outer part creating an harmonious composition. The Composition.