A Wreath with Tulips
A Tulip Wreath. Materials for the wreath:
- 1 - 3 meter piece of Flat TWISTart color sage green 314;
- 1 - 1 meter piece of 4/ply Two Tone TWISTart color sage green 014;
- 1 - lilac Tulip color 005, and two buds of the same color;
- 1 pair of scissors;
- white glue.
Istruzioni: The Wreath.

Create the base of the wreath with the sage green 314 Flat TWISTart. Unravel 3 of the 4 strands of 4/ply sage green 014 around the base. Open up a leaf hear and there.

Prepare 3 flowers, or better yet, two buds and a Tulip. The Tulip is made with 4 petals whereas each bud is made with only 2 petals. One bud is made with the two lighter strands and the other bud with the two dark strands. The 3 pieces are than mounted on the 4/Ply TWISTart as shown. The Flowers.
Tie the flowers to the wreath and thread the remaining piece through the wreath. Create another leave with the end of this piece.
Assembling The Flowers.
Shape the two buds near each other and create a uniform composition by opening another few small leaves. The additional leaves will help create a decorative element and bring the whole composition together. The Composition.