A Tulip Napkin Ring Tie
A Tulip Napkin Ring Tie. Materials:
- 1 Tulip;
- 1 - 25cm piece of Mono Tone 4/ply TWISTart green 110;
- 1 pair of scissors;
- white glue.
Instructions: The base of the Napkin Ring Tie.

Take the 25cm piece of 4/ply TWISTart and tie a simple knot as shown.

Cut a small 1cm piece from one of the ends, untwist it and glue it around the knot to block it. Gluing.
Unravel the 4 strands from the opposite end of where you cut the 1cm piece. Untwist one of the strands approximately 1 cm, place some glue in the opening and insert the flower. The flower.
AUntwist another two strands for the leaves as shown. The leaves.
Make nice openings of the petals to make sure the yellow pistils in the center are visible. The finishing touch.