Method D. Full Submersion in Water

The paperyarn gets totally submersed in a full bowl of water.

Bowl with strands of Paperyarn in full submersion.

This method is best represented by submersing a single piece of 4/ply in a bowl of water. You will see the vine like curly strand start to straighten meaning it is loosening up. After a couple of seconds, remove the strand and drain the excess water as shown in illustration.

Draining and Drying the strand by rolling it back and forth over paper towels.

TWISTart looses about 75% of its resistance when wet, therefore it now must be handled with care. But keep in mind that were still dealing with a strong, resistant paperyarn, which will permit you to work with it even when wet.

Strands drying over Paper Towels.
Once the strands have been opened, they must be left to dry completely before you start to model your creation.
A leaf for example, must be made in two steps. First untwist a small section (the invite) before submersing in water, than open the strand. But before giving the leaf form, the strand must be completely dry.
Invitation to Dry.
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