Now you will see that at least one area of the strip has started an opening. Open this section the complete 2 cm wide for the standard paperyarn, 5cm wide for 4/ply, etc….

Invitation to opening the strip completely.
Use this opened invite area putting your thumb in the middle, and running your thumb upwards untwisting. Untwist the whole strip this way. You will find that with time, you will become more agile and faster. After about 10 strips, you will become expert untwisters. Thumb in action untwisting.
Method B. Against the edge of a table

This is a curious method used above all with 4/ply TWISTart. Let's say its similar to the completely dry method, but with a slight variance to make life easier.

Take the strip and rub it up and down against the table's edge. This will help soften and loosen the tight twists, making the strip easier to open.

A piece of 4/ply ready to untwist, but first it was rubbed against the table's edge.
Method C. Slightly Wet
This is yet another variance of the dry method, but more sophisticated. The paperyarn is prepared 24 hrs in advance. This method also requires more organization, since you will need to cut and measure the exact amount of paperyarn required for your project beforehand.
Once you have all your strands ready, put them in a plastic bag that can be sealed air tight, or almost air tight. But before sealing the bag, spray some water into the bag with a plant sprayer.
Plastic Bag with already sprayed strands as you can see by the condensation.
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