The Pistils
Pistils made from a Simple knot

Just tie several simple knots towards the end of a piece of standard, 4/ply or Macro (depending on the required size), and than cut the pieces to the desired lengths.



Pistils with simple knots.
Pistils made with Square knots
Square knot scheme.
Here are some helpful guidelines for making square knots:
- move one piece at a time
- always in the same direction
- never more than once
- move all pieces

In addition to the illustration showing the assembly you can also observe the 4 step-by-step images.
How to position the pieces. First Step: Move first piece.
Second Step: Move the other pieces. Third Step: Put last piece into first hole.
Lastly, remember to pull taught all pieces with the same intensity allowing you to form a nice even square knot head (pistil) .

Square knot.

Crested Pistils
To give the simple knot pistil a more decorative look, you can cut strips into the end of the pistil to give it a crested look. Crested Pistil.