Cutting and Strand Preparation
When several strands of the same length are required to complete a project, don't cut them one by one, but cut multiple strands together from the hank.
How to cut multiple strands.
After the first cut has been made from the hank, bunch the strands together with an elastic band nice and tight. If the strands are still curly and not straight, spray them with some water and let them dry. This will help straightening the strands for further measured cuts.
How to block already cut strands.
Hold firmly with your thumb the area you need to cut, and let the other end held with an elastic band fall freely. Before cutting, make sure you have the correct length.
Hold the loose ends together with your hand until you can bunch them together nice and tight with an elastic band.
Second cut.
If your cutting a hank of 4/ply, it will be easier and faster if you breakdown the hank (or just the piece you need to cut) in 1 meter strands, and than cut groups of 5 pieces one at a time.