The Heart of the Flower
The heart using a bunch of TWISTart
We will cut and bunch together simple strips of TWISTart to form the heart of many TWISTart Flower Creations. These bunches of TWISTart all cut to the same length and formed together will create the heart of a few flower creations such as, Sunflowers, Daisies and Poinsettias.
Heart made with bunches of TWISTart.

The first thing you need to do is prepare the bunches in the desired lengths.
Take the same amount of yarns from each group of colors to mantain the right proportion. If a color is present in double quantity take the same quantity of yarns for two times.

How to arrange the bunches.
When using more than one color for the heart, you need to get use to forming small bunches of the same quantity with different colored strands. It all might seem simple and easy, but at the same time the day will come when you want to make a Large Sunflower or Poinsettia and need to mix 680 to 960 pieces to form your heart. This will be a tough task without following some guidelines.
Fix the mixed paperyarns with two rubber bands.
How to attach the Elastic Bands.
Arrange the strands so that the bottom is even, tapping the bunch up and down on the table to level it off. Then paste inside a bit of cotton to give it a little shape. Base of the Heart.
A Heart using Buttons
Button and loop.
Choose a button with a diameter that best fits your heart. Using a thin wire make a loop and put it into the two holes.
Buttons and Glue.
Than pour a dense surface of white glue on the button.
Cover the button with at least two or three layers of completely opened TWISTart, braiding them at the bottom of the button.
Cover the button.