The Binding
The typical binding knot to hold together TWISTart flowers is explained in 5 steps together with 5 images.
1° Step: Form a loop with the TWISTart strand passing under the Elastic Band.
How to form the loop.
How to hold firm the strands.
2° Step: Hold the loop and the bunch with one hand.
3° Step: Start the first two turns around the bunch turning the flower and not the binding strand. Every two turns pull the strand taught with equal intensity, without jerking it.
Pulling the bind taught with strength.
How to tighten the bind.
4° Step: Insert the top end of the strand into the loop and pull firmly the bottom strand at the base to tighten your bind.
5° Step: To fix completely the yarn, pull it tightly without breaking it, untill it is inside the knot. You should pull it 2-3 cm inside the knot.
How to fix the paperyarn.