The Tulip. Materials:
- 1 - 12 cm piece of Two Tone 4/ply TWISTart color red 022;
-1 - 45 cm piece of Macro TWISTart color green 435 for the stem and leaves;
- 5 - 5 cm pieces of Standard TWISTart color yellow 012 for the pistils;
- 1 pair of scissors;
- White Glue.
The flower.

For the flower, separate and untwist all four strands of the 12 cm piece of Two Tone 4/ply red 022. Fully open them in the center, but leave the two ends closed, or better yet open the ends just slightly, without fully opening the tip of the strand.

The petals. Fold each piece in half to find the center, than twist over the center and fold it again to form a double layered petal.
Assembling the 4 petals.
Glue the two layers together. Leave the base of the petals gathered and don't over extend the paper. This will enable you to create an assembly area to glue the 4 petals together.
Cut the green 435 piece of Macro TWISTart into 3 pieces: one 25 cm piece for the stem, and two 10 cm pieces for the leaves. Take the 25cm piece and untwist the tip approximately 1 cm. Take the flower and glue it to the center of the open area, and close it tight. Inserting the Stem.
Completely untwist and open the remaining two 10 cm pieces of Macro green 435. Fold each piece in half side to side not top to bottom, and cut out the form of a leaf with your scissors. The leaves.
The pistils. Glue the five / 5 cm pieces of Standard TWISTart yellow 012 to the center of the flower.