Square Knot Dahlia
- 12pcs - 20 cm strands of Standard Size Twistart color 027 powder rose;
- 1 pair - Scissors;
- white glue;
- 1 hole punch, or toothpick.
Square Knot Dahlia.
Square Knot with two and three strands.

The Square Knot you can make them with a variable number of strands. In the base course instructions, it explains the square knot with one strand, and in photo n. 2 you can see the square knot with 2 or 3 strands.

When the number of strands start to grow and it becomes difficult to work with them, you need to create groups by gluing the ends together as shown in photo n. 3, square with 4 strands.
To unify the strands together, which in turn will simplify the threading of them, open the end of two of the strands about 1 cm, spread some white glue across the opening, and than role up the other strands together. This will create 1 large piece (combining all 4) for weaving.
Elements that compose a 4 strand knot.
Now you have your square knot (photo n. 4), and to free each individual stand, cut off once cm of each tip.
Open all strands around the square knot to form the petals for your flower.
The flower from photo n.1 was made with 6 strands of standard TWISTart.
The Square Knot with 4 strands.
If you wish, its possible to combine strands of other colors. For example, to make some small leaves, insert a strand through the back of the flower by using a hole punch or toothpick.
As you can see from photo n. 5, its easy to thread strands through the back of the flower since other strands form diagonals that help the passage.
How to combine strands of other colors.
You can stylize this flower simply by using different colors, and transform it from a daisy into a lily, or better yet, an even more intense transformation can be made by using 4/ply TWISTart, as shown in photo n. 6.
Square Knot with 4/ply TWISTart.