The Poppy
The Poppy. The elements that compose the Poppy.
Materials for One Poppy:
- 95 cm of Standard Paperyarn color black 018;
- 1 - 10cm piece of Macro TWISTart color black 418 for the center pistil;
- 2 - 10cm pieces of Macro Macro TWISTart color red 430 for the petals;
- 1 - 25cm piece of Macro TWISTart color green 435 for the stem;
- 3 Q-tips;
- White Glue;
- 1 pair of scissors;
- 1 hole punch or toothpick.
IThe center of every Poppy is composed by creating one large center pistil. The center pistil is made by putting the 3 q-tips together and covering them with a piece of Macro TWISTart black, to form one pistil. Cut the 95 cm piece of Standard Twistart black into 15 / 6cm pieces and tie a knot towards the top of each piece to form your smaller pistils. Take the same 6 cm piece and untwist the other end (approximately 1 cm). This will give you an open area to glue to the large center pistil. Now form the 15 pistils around the large center pistil, and bind everything together with the remaining 5 cm piece of Standard TWISTart black.
The Center of the flower.

Untwist the two 10cm pieces of Macro TWISTart red 430. Fold these pieces in half twice, and than cut out the form of the petals. You will have obtained 2 corolla's with 4 petals each. Punch a hole in the center of each corolla with your hole punch. Mount the flower by inserting the pistil in the center of the two corolla's and than the stem.

The Corolla's.
The Leaf. Cut the leaf from a piece of green Macro TWISTart and glue it to the stem about 3 cm from the flower.
Single Poppy with stem and flower.
The Poppy.