Field Flower
Materials for one flower.
Materials for each flower:
- 1 - 10cm piece of Macro TWISTart color red 430;
- 1 18cm piece of Standard Paperyarn color green 023 for the stem;
- 1 pair of scissors;
- 1 hole punch or toothpick.
Istruzioni per fare una primula:

Completely untwist the 10cm piece of TWISTart Macro red 430. You will obtain a perfectly square piece. If by chance it is slightly off, cut the piece to form the square.

Untwist the Macro TWISTart.
The folding. Fold the piece always in half for 1, 2, 3, 4 times. After the fourth fold you will obtain a small piece as shown in the photograph. Observe this piece closely and you will find that at one end you will see open layers and the other end just the folds. The next step will start at the end with just the folds.
Starting at the opposite end of the open layers, start cutting around the edge rounding it off with the scissors to form your petal as shown in the second part of the cut-out picture. This cut-out will give you 4 small flowers with 4 petals on each flower.
The cut-out.
The stem. Take the 18cm piece of Standard TWISTart green 023 and tie a knot in the tip of the piece. Now it is ready to receive the petals. Curl the petals first and than punch a hole through the center of all 4 petals together. Now thread them onto the stem to form your flower.
Thread the 4 petals onto the stem and slide them all the way up to the knot, than tie another knot at the base of the petals to hold them secure and in place. Make sure you tie the knot as close as possible, so there is very little spacing between the upper and lower knot, keeping your petals in place and firm!
Fixing the petals to the stem.