The Favors.

Pink and Baby Blue


Materials for every Favor:
- 1 Twisted Rose (n. 1 Flower with Standard Size Twistart);
- 1 bag machine sewn in Macro Twistart.
How to make the Macro Bags

The proposed bags are made from machine sewn strands of Twistart-Macro pink (427) or baby blue (408).
Draw string bag

Completely untwist a 26 cm strand of Macro Twistart. Open it well, and if it seems to crumbled, go over it quickly with a low heat iron, putting a piece of tissue paper between the Macro and the iron. This will help protect your strand from any burn marks.
Fold the strand in half and machine sew the borders on the two sides together. You will find its not difficult to machine sew Twistart, but its important to use a robust but fine thread. Fold over the tops of each side 2,5-3 cm for the draw string border and than sew the borders. Its better not to sew the borders to tight in order to help the movement of the draw string. Lastly, turn over the bag and insert the two 20 cm pieces of Twistart folded in U form to obtain the draw string closure.

Draw string closure bag

Completely untwist a 30 cm strand of Macro Twistart, fold the strand in half and sew the borders on the two sides together, turning it over with caution.

Draw string bag.

After you have completed your bags, fill them with confetti, greetings, tulle, and to close your bag use the wrap around Twisted Rose already created on this site. You have now created delicious favors for the birth of your child, baptism, communion and weddings simply selecting different colors to fit your ceremonial needs.
All at a minimum cost!!