A Place Mark Poppy
The Flower Favor.

Materials for one Poppy:
- 25 cm of Standard Paperyarn color black 018;
- 1 - 10cm piece of Macro TWISTart color black 418 for the center pistil;
- 2 - 10cm pieces of Macro TWISTart color red 430 for the petals;
- 1 - 25cm piece of Macro TWISTart color green 435 for the stem;
- 1 confetti candy;
- 1 pair of scissors;
- 1 hole punch or toothpick.


Insert the confetti candy into the 10cm piece of black Macro TWISTart. The only difference from the Poppy is in fact the insertion of the candy in the center of the flower. Once you have inserted the candy, take two pieces of Standard TWISTart black and tie a knot at the top and bottom of the candy.

How to insert the Confetti Candy.
The Corolla. Insert the two corolla's into the pistil formed from the candy.
Assemble the leaf and stem and now you have your Confetti Candy Poppy-Favor.
A beautiful summer favor for the right occasion, or a Place Mark for the Garden Wedding Ceremony.
Leaf and Stem.