Giulia is born

Materials of each Favor:
- 2 - 15 cm pieces of Macro TWISTart color Green 435;
- 1 - 10 cm piece of Macro TWISTart color Pink 427;
- 2 - 5 cm pieces of Standard TWISTart color Orange 031;
- 1 meter of Standard TWISTart color Green 035;
- 1 Q-tip;
- 1 piece of confetti candy;
- 1 Deckle Edge Scissors;
- 1 hole punch;
- white glue.

A Favor for Giulia.
Instructions for each Favor:
The Pistil.

To prepare the pistil, cover half a Q-tip with a small piece of Standard Orange TWISTart, gluing it with non diluted white glue.
a 1 cm piece of Standard Green TWISTart to make the stem. Insert the orange pistil and now the structure is ready to insert the flowers.

The 2 flowers in this favor are made the same way as the Macro TWISTart Field Flowers with some slight modifications. The pistil is more evident, colored, and enlarged by the Q-tip, as you've just seen, but the number of petals has been reduced in half. As you can see, we have threaded only two out of the four on the hole punch.
Construction of the flower.
In fact, were dealing with a very economic favor with only one confetti candy, and two simple and fast flowers to construct.
This favor also can be used as a ceremonial luncheon place marking for the little Giulia's arrival.
The flower.
Take 1 of the Green Macro TWISTart 15 cm pieces and untwist it approximately 7.5 cm (in half). Fold it in 4 as shown in the photograph.
The leaf.
Using a Deckle Edge Scissors cut along the sides of the leaf. Open it, and you will have a beautiful leaf with 4 long petals.
How to Embroider the Leaf.
Assemble the various pieces to compose your favor; the two flowers, the 4 pointed large leaf, the pieces of Macro TWISTart with the Confetti Candy and start your Binding. Open here and there a few small leaves in Standard TWISTart.
The Confetti.