It's a Boy!

Materials for each Favor:
- 1 - 10cm piece of Macro TWISTart color sky blue 408;
- 1 - 15cm piece of Standard TWISTart color green 035;
- 1 - 5cm piece of Standard TWISTart color orange 031;
- 1 small basket for 1 confetti candy;
- 1 piece of confetti candy;
- 1 pair of scissors;
- 1 hole punch.

A Favor for a Boy.
Instructions for each Favor:
The pistil.

To prepare the pistil, untwist the 5cm piece of Standard TWISTart orange 31, fold it in half two times as shown in the picture and cut the around the edges.
Untwist a 1 cm piece of Standard TWISTart green 035 to make the stem. Insert the pistil, and now you are ready to insert this piece into the flower.

The flower in this favor is created the same way as the Macro TWISTart Field Flower. Only the pistil is more evident, colored and enlarged by the cut in the edges. Affix the flower to the basket, open the green leaf , put the confetti candy in the basket and your done.
The Flower assembly.
If you wish, you can glue the basket to a piece of wood with a drop of hot glue. Write the person's name, and the confetti candy place marking is ready.
Naturally, you can adopt this project to various occasions simply by changing the color of the flower and the confetti.
Variation as a Place Marking.