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Il bonsai mediterraneo

Il Mediterraneo incontra l’Oriente; Iniziamo; Caratteristiche del Prebonsai; Gli Stili; Scelta dello stile; Scelta del fronte; Prima potatura e impostazione; Taglio delle radici.
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A Guide to Bonsai in Europe

A guide based on a map of Europe which you can use to find information about Bonsai in each country.
albek bonsai

Articles are opinions and views on the art of bonsai. Shohin is dedicated to the beautiful art of the smaller bonsai. Photo reports is a large number of picture based reports of events, exhibitions and other bonsai photos of interest. Bonsai Denmark is an introduction to bonsai, as performed in Denmark, and about the national Danish Bonsai Society. Bonsai Japan is articles based on personal experience after travels to Japan. World Bonsai Convention 2001 is basically photo reports from the biggest bonsai event in Europe ever. Links are especially collected links to places of interest on the internet. World Gallery is the visitors posted pictures of their own bonsai, to enjoy for the world.

What is bonsai? Where should I position my outdoor bonsai? Can I display my outdoor bonsai inside the house? How? How often should I water my bonsai? What and when do I feed my bonsai? What are the best types of plants to use for bonsai? How, when and why should I repot my bonsai? What sort of soil should I use for bonsai? What part does pruning play in bonsai? When should I prune, and to what extent? What techniques can I use to wire my bonsai? Is it really necessary? What books do you recommend for beginners? What are some good websites on bonsai in general?
Bonsai Empire

Bonsai Empire, The Bonsai Quiz, Bonsai Styles, Bonsai Creation, Bonsai Training, Bonsai Care, Bonsai Studies, Galleries, E-Bonsai Cards, Bonsai Chat, Bonsai Forum.
Bonsai On The Web

Calendar, Nursery & Suppliers, Bonsai Sites, Chat.
Bonsai Primer

Online guide aimed at beginners or those who are thinking of starting out in the Art, Craft, Hobby or Obsession of Bonsai.
Bonsai Talk

Bonsai Web

Show, Books, Tools, Forum, Critique, Marketplace, Tree Care, Clubs, Links, Vendors, Seeds.
Ernie Kuo's Bonsai Page

Links, Host, New, Books, Literati, Inspirations, Postcards.
Ninja Bonsai

Introduction, History, Pictures, Scenery, Shaping, Pots, Bonsai Styles, Links.
The Bonsai Enthusiasts online journal

Features, Columns, Gallery, Turntable, Resources.
The Bonsai Site

Introduction, History, Styles, Advanced Techniques, Gallery, Additional Features, Maintenance, Plant Profiles, Survey, Bonsai Books, Bonsai Seeds, Forum, FAQ
The Network

Alphabetically listed Bonsai Sites in the Network, A list of Regional Bonsai Clubs, Bonsai Nurseries Online.
The World of Bonsai

History of Bonsai, Getting Started, The Care Guide, Galleries, Bonsai Forums, Suggested Readings.

We've put together some optimized images of bonsai from across the web in order to help you in creating your own. The gallery is searchable too! You may look for examples of specific trees, styles, and even artists. You have the ability to search for a particular tree by its common name, genus, and species and get tips on siting, feeding, repotting, etc., specific trees.

The best source of Tropical bonsai material and information. This Site contains an online gallery with photos of bonsai specimens around the world. Also this web has articles of bonsai activities, bonsai forum, links and news.
Tropical Bonsai for Northern Climates

Articles, Species Profiles, Gallery, Bonsai Humor, Other Sites.
Wired Online Bonsai Magazine

Check this site for the essential Bonsai event dates. Our diaries give U.K., European and Worldwide Bonsai event listings. Read our articles on various aspects of the Bonsai hobby. New articles added regularly. New Bonsai images from Bob Thompson. See the links page. Find out what is happening at your local clubs and get all the latest news from the world of Bonsai.
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L’art du bonsai et sa culture

Historique, Genres, Soins, Lien sites, Vos questions.