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Artefloreale - Corso di composizione con fiori freschi recisi, essiccati e artificiali realizzato da Scuola d’Arte Floreale

I materiali floreali, Indice fotografico dei fiori e fogliami essiccati e stabilizzati, Come essiccare i fiori, I “ferri” del mestiere, Forme e gerarchie dei vegetali, I princěpi, Gli elementi, Le tecniche, Preparazione dei materiali ,Tipi di composizioni, Trend e arredamento con i fiori.
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About Flowers

Flower Library.
Beautiful paper flowers

How to create different beautiful flowers made of crepe-paper. Step by step instructions for making every kind flower.
Herbal Craft Projects

Here you will find a wealth of ideas for drying & arranging beautiful flowers.
Greenhouse Express

Let’s Talk Flowers: Flowers and their meanings, The flower of the month, Flower trivia, Purchasing tips for special occasions, Easy step to flower arranging, How to care for fresh cut flowers, Easy ideas for enioying cut flowers, Home decorating ideas, Kids corner: “Growing up with flowers”.
Magus Floral Art

Design instructions.
Preserving the Beauty

Fresh flowers never last as long as we'd like. But here's a delightful way to preserve the flowers from your garden and enjoy them year-round.
Pressed Flowers Art

Learn to press flowers, About pressed flower art, Material needed, Easy press construction, Selecting flowers, Flower pressing, Storing pressed flowers, Backgrounds, Attaching flowers, Sealing and displaying, Pressed flower art classes, Pressed flower art galleries.
Rittners Floral School - Floral Education Center

An enormous number of “How Tos” on floral designing, information about care and handling of floral materials, backgrounds & history of various holidays, tips and ideas of interest to anyone who enjioys floral art, and information relating to the field of floral design of interest to consumers.

Projects & Instructions: The wedding projects, Floral Design and Techniques, Craft Projects, Making Indoor Fountains, Herb & Botanical Craft Projects, Potpourri Essentials, How to make your own bath blends & facial scrub, How to make bows.